About Us

NOX, the goddess of the night in Greek mythology, speaks the volume of power emerges the down of creation. With the NOX touch, we aim to reveal your inner strength and elegance. As should be in every painstaking work, we care… We care about your comfort We care about your look We care about you to have NoxLook You are the Goddess!!! Once you have the NOX touch, you will, for sure, feel the harmony of the quality and elegance…You will feel the power of goddess and never give up. Why NoxLook lingerie is Different? NoxLook lingerie is produced in Polyamide, which is the highest quality fabric best for hygiene and comfort. Therefore, it is breathable, soft, stretch, withstanding many a-washes, and durable. You will feel the quality at your first touch. The designers are directly involved in the production process from the scratch. We all pay our upmost attention for you to be the first one to touch NoxLook ; hence, all boxes have security labels. So, we invite you to feel the NoLook quality with your first shopping experience… To be a Nox woman

US : Warehouse : 86 Lackawanna ave suite 205 woodland park NJ 07424,USA

Company Information : Styx Consultancy Ltd, 79 COLLEGE ROAD HARROW England HA1 1BD
Company Number : 12886066